• Sputter targets for all PVD applications
  • Sputter hardware for all PVD applications
  • Sputter components for large area glass
  • Sputter components for Solar

Sputtering equipment & sputtering components for sputter systems | Soleras Advanced Coatings

Welcome to Soleras Advanced Coatings

We provide sputtering equipment and advanced material targets for your specific sputter application. We supply sputtering components to manufacturers of energy efficient low-E glass, electrochromic and smart glass, thin film photovoltaic panels and advanced displays used in touch screen phones and tablet computers.

We invite you to explore our unique combination of reliable rotatable sputter hardware and our extended portfolio of sputter targets. Find out even more reasons to rely on Soleras Advanced Coatings:

Total solution provider

Thanks to the unique combination of sputter hardware and sputter targets, Soleras Advanced Coatings can offer you customized solutions for all new and existing sputter systems.

Global presence

Our worldwide structure ensures reliable support: local production to respect the best delivery conditions; global presence of our service team to ensure quick reaction times; market driven R&D in close collaboration with you; application engineering giving accurate response to your needs.

Credible expert

You can benefit from 30 years of experience in sputtering equipment and sputtering components. Our large installed base generates credibility: over 260,000 targets produced, over 800 complete cathodes installed and over 6,000 magnetrons running 24/7.

Would you like to learn more about our technology and services? Please do not hesitate to contact us.